urban canvas

Not all art is found in frames.


Stenciling is a form of aerosol art where the images are prefabricated in the comfort of a studio or bedroom,

And so putting up the finished stencil is quick and easy, just apply spray paint.

Stencil users are often politically zealous and use their medium to voice ideas and opinions;

By using the very city that they live in as their canvas they can reach out to people around them regardless of their lifestyle or social network...

Whereas art galleries are frequented by those with the time, money and interest for that kind of art.. stenciled images on the side of drab buildings can catch the eyes of any passer by,

And the graphic nature of many stencils grants them accessibility; for where language affords detail it is an exclusive kind of communication...

Images can be striking and rich in meaning, while being interpretable by any culture.


"I strongly recommend if you only ever read one book in your life... keep your fucking mouth shut."



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