Infrasonics cannot be 'heard' because the pitch is so low... However these frequencies of sound can still be perceived, causing unease and restlessness in the listener.

How much of the world we experience is below the surface of consciousness?

More than you would think.

Unconscious influences are, naturally, unthinkable. That is, until carefully observed, and thereby brought into mind.

Empowering and delightful it is to believe that you control yourself, and your life. Just like it was nice to imagine the sun orbiting around planet earth.

In reality our executive control is under constant subterfuge, From the senses, and from primitive brain structures.

Consider an arachnophobic, who cannot overcome their instinctive reactions, however consciously aware of their irrational fear they are.

What else might we be reacting to in our environment? Stimuli triggering childhood memories,

Yet ignored.







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Send ripples across the unconscious boundary
Build sand castles on the beach


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