Mental Socially
Sanity Sanitary?


Is the world symmetrical? Or is the human analytical machine tuned to detect such systems?

Is this {above} in fact another such symmetry?


"What is your cosmos but an instrument.. which, by arrangement of mirrors, appears in a variety of symmetrical forms."


Like following a path at night, a path that is almost invisible under shrubs and leaves.

Only the sounds of the jungle to keep you company.

A small torch in hand, held to the ground, hoping to illuminate a foot print or a track in the undergrowth.

Always pointing the torch down, for fear of getting lost, and perhaps for fear of seeing where this path is taking you.

Passing through a great mass of vines and leaves, a clearing appears before you.

Then a fluttering of excitement, when you see other lights nearby, other torches pointing toward unseen paths.

Not all point in the same direction, but the sources are close enough to give a rush of warmth up my spine,

as for that moment i know i am not alone..... then back into the dark forest.....