"Is the weather getting you down? Feel like its always raining on you? You need some chemical sunshine!"


dmp dmp dmp... cli-clack..rustle.....thud.

All that junk mail you get through the door, in your inbox, and handed over personally in the street,

Created to instill a memory in you, one that will eventually lead to a sale, a purchase.

Positive words and images desperately packed into a leaflet, in the hope of holding attention.

This advertising technique is crude and effective, tributed by its popularity.

Leaflets have been made by humans for everything imaginable,

From dancing elephants, to oral contraceptives, to all night raves.

Whenever an individual or group can benefit from your recognition of their services and products,

It makes sense to promote them.


Attempts of a local pizza delivery company to make its low-grade food look appetising,

Is a risk to your nutritional health, and possibly your complexion;

However a greasy take away is pretty innocent as life changing events go.

When the wands of advertising gurus turn towards those privileged few who prescibe medicines,

Suddenly the stakes of this attention seeking game are raised;

A doctor's arsenal of substances and mixtures has been selected for its potency.

Crucial to a doctor's ability to provide effective treatment is their experience,

Personal experience, or that inherited from past clinicians.

When a treatment has not been available until recently, doctors are naturally cautious about it,

Preffering time tested remedies.

Groups who manufacture, and profit from, drugs know all about this cautious trait.

What more obvious course of action, than to advertise your produce with prescribers?

Hence treating a gaurdian of human health just like any other consumer.

An ingenious financial manouver.

So companies work to influence doctors, erring away from the use of experience in their work,

And towards the economic success of the company.


A doctor with prescription pad in hand is a powerful consumer,

They have the gusto of millionaire, as it is not their money being spent (Oh, and it's for a good cause too).

The only reservation most doctors have is whether their prescribed remedy will give the result they want,

Which is where a well placed advert can really boost a company's income.


The internet has raised public access to information on drugs and other treatments available through prescription,

The public can also influence a doctor's choice, simply by asking for what they want.

What does the consumer want? What they are told is right.

And thus unbiased information is hard to find, and harder still to recognise.

Reviews and articles quoting published studies and research is going to be belayed to reality,

Yet the aspect from which results are interpreted can still be tainted by outside interest.

The only universal path to truth is along the shadow draped road of scepticism,

Step back from the message in your hand,

Remember simply that a message heralding the positive benefits of a medication -

Is certainlly little different from a leaflet from your local pizza house.

However it is potentially far more damaging to your physical and mental health.






So now lets:

Walk to school
take some drugs


not all doctors wear white coats...


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