Karl Marx



"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are
always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts"

Marx described the apparitions of capitalism, the inequality, the inefficiency, the indirection as conscious, rational actions of the people involved.
He thus characterised the personal possession of physical objects and all that comes with it as Capitalism*.
By characterising the innate nature of humans (and all similar animals) as if it were simply a conscious choice, a lifestyle option, he created a polarised view of society with negative elements of human nature associated with the use of capital.

Marx's genius was in politicising the choice he proposed we could all make. By injecting his narcotic idea into political thought, he opened an imaginary door.
Those who stepped through did not walk through into the promised land. Without abundance of a resource there will always be a difference of interest as to how it is used. Those who have influence over a resource gain power both socially and economically.
Without enough property to satisfy everyone, property cannot be transcended (assuming all things the same).

Marx's ideas were spread at a time when humans could not resist their own nature on a large enough scale.
Traditional intimidation tactics could only herd the powerless civilians, while political leaders, seeking to realise their dream of human equality and efficiency, tried to cut and hammer the beautiful flower Marx had described out of the naive population. The results were horrendous; the leaders did not truly understand the nature of their task, Communism did not blossom and so in horror the founders clasped their dream as their people bled.

It is an irremovable feature of intelligent creatures to become attached to objects and creatures outside of themselves. Call it attachment, pride, love, same difference. People will always want to own things. Cathexis is the foundation of property.

Marx was not wrong, on all accounts, simply because of a grand misinterpretation of his ideal social state. Marx was not a good prophet, as their ideas are self realising, but instead he was a great social theorist, and from his ideas we can learn a lot. Marx's frustration with problems in his society gave him the gusto to write about it, sadly he on to provide a hasty solution. His original belief that humanity will slowly reorganise into a communist state was more foresightful than his wanton faith in a revolution. However it is also hasty to blame an idealist for the failure of their disciples.

Marx has given us a beacon, a guiding flame to kindle the awareness of what can and should be done. In principle communism exists all over the world, within groups of friends, families and workers, formed naturally and spontaneously. Other writers have proposed similar utopias as Marx's, coming under a plethora of names, including Utilitarianism. With a deeper understanding of sociology the ideals of communism could become reality on a grand scale. Some guides to illuminate the path ahead are already written, and more will come. The tools of pharmacy, genetics and nano-engineering might be the ones we need to bring utopia into focus.

*trademark of Marx inc.


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