"The fact that people can become the slaves of stimulants which intensify, though but temporarily, their sense of creative activity, is really due to the peculiar satisfaction we experience in feeling the creative power at work within us. And if we cannot get it to work in any other way, we have recourse to alcohol, opium or hashish. The opium-smoker says good-bye to the world of automatism and goes off on a grand tour through the golden realms of fantasy, the wonder- land of the creative power. The word intoxication is used with reference to drugs, such as opium or morphine; but it applies also to the ecstasy of artistic creation.... The opium smoker's trance and the ecstasy of the artist at his work are but a sleeping and a waking form of the same thing. In sleep the result will be visions, phantoms, fantasy; waking, it gives us art, invention, new ideas, a moral exhalation."





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Psychedelics can precipitate the unconscious
Addiction is not romantic




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