E.H. Chudler's etymology of ns terms
















away from














do, act
ad-, aff- to
aden- gland
alg- pain
alve- tough
andr- man
ante- before
anti- against, counter
arachn- spider
arch- beginning, origin
ax-, axon- axis
bar- weight
blast- bud
brachi- arm
brady- slow
caud- tail
cell- cell, room
centr- center
cephal- head
chord- string, cord
chro- color
contra- against, counter
corpus- body
crani- skull
cut- skin
dendr- tree
dors- back
dys- bad, improper
ect- outside
electr- amber
end- inside
epi- upon, after
esthe- feel, perceive
eu- good, normal
exo- outside
graph- write, scratch
hemi- half
hyper- above, beyond, extreme
hypno- sleep
hypo- below, under
infra- beneath
inter- amoung
intra- inside
medi- middle
meningo- membrane
mes- middle
meta- beyond
micro- small
para- beside, beyond
peri- around
poly- many
retro- backwards
somat- body
sub- under, below
supra- above
tel- end