"You can't contrive this relationship, but you can open yourself up to the potential of the relationship and then let it naturally evolve."


For most creatures on this world, be they household cats or the school janitor, there is nothing so sweet as curling up to another lonely being.

Feeling the warmth of another person's body, their gentle embrace, an unspoken trust and acceptance... this most subtle and innocent of pleasures stems back to the moments in our parent's arms, cradled to a breast, gently stroked and rocked back and forth.

Pets are often easier to seduce into a state of blissful symbiosis than are the socially more demanding homo sapiens. However the rewards of coupling with another human can be much greater, with their incredible empathy and awareness.

Waking next to someone you care for is uniquely heart warming, for as our eyes open and dreams subside, becoming opaque, before us lies an embodiment of what we had so dearly dreamed for. Through this person we can bring our dreams into the object world, to live our dreams.

Engaging someone in sustained embrace, to many's dissappointment, needs their compliance. Few people are comfortable getting close to those they arn't familiar with... when sober that is. In many societies drugs such as alcohol are used chronically for social lubrication. When fuelled with intoxicants timidity and anxiety dissolve allowing for rapid social integration. It can be suprising how receptive and affectionate people really are when you give them the chance.

The personal impact we make on others is, at the time, totally unimaginable, let alone predictable.
One can only open oneself to the unexperienced...





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