the castle


those who are most driven to achievement are those who's own spurs dig deepest into their being.

a wall of books dominating a room, a line of trophies on the shelf, a sheet of muscle covering the body, all of these are shields...

strenuously prepared defences against the ever present pain that bites the ego, pressing it to act, to move and to change.

with each brick that is layed down, each wall built, each tower constructed, the castle becomes stronger and more inpenetrable.

yet the builder lays their work down from the inside... what shields them from their fear, the fear of failure, this shield becomes their prison.

the greater the monument erected, the dearer it is to the designer, and the more difficult it is to depart from,

chained to one's own creations, unable to drop the tools and walk free, out into the great world beyond.

great achievement is a challenge. greater still is facing your fear of loss, to run naked from your castle,

to bound over those painstakingly constructed walls and into the boundless universe that lies beyond.


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