blood for $ale



terrorists, where do they get their money?

many of the richer militant groups in this world get their funds from relationships with powerful organisations in america.

for instance, the taliban were given enormous 'gifts' of money and weapons during the soviet invasion of their country.

so when you buy you're ten pound bag, guess where your money goes... into the pocket of your dealer. Guess where his money goes? into the pocket of the grower. It's all horticulture, after all. buying cannabis or psychedelic drugs is as far from militant terrorists as you can get.

If the american militants that cause terror all around the world were just to sit down and smoke a spliff.. maybe they'd think a little more about the suffering they were causing to their victims. Every a bomb that is dropped kills the god america wants to love.

if you value peace and want to see your friends and family live to a healthy old age, you should invest in exercise, a good diet, and harmonious relationships. Killing those who disagree with you is a sure way to fuck up everyone's lives. Its not big, its not clever, in fact most animals are sensible enough to avoid harming members of their own species. Sadly humans have made is very easy to damage each other's fragile bodies with weapons of gruesome power. In that country which worships the right to carry a weapon, freedom is worthless word. Owning a lethal weapon is a tradition handed down from when the native tribes of america were systematically slaughtered. america was founded on the blood of those people who had lived in the country for thousands of years, in harmony with the natural world. Now they are mostly dead. It seems the blood lust was not fulfilled, as today the blood of other innocent people is shed daily in countries around the world.

So, remind me again, who are the terrorists? the ones who cause terror, right? if murdering a family, if dropping a bomb on people, if maiming and crippling innocents doesn't cause terror, then what does?

Terror is an emotion, not a person, or a group of people. If terror were a group of people, it would be the american military and all those people associated with them.

Kill your hate, not your enemy, for the true enemy is within. Murder will give you peace for an hour, and then the hunger, the fear will return again. Taking other people's lives will ensure your children a lifetime of torture as the repercussions of your actions come around, as they always do.