Suffering as an example of the binding of subjective, personal experience to a group mind.


Individuals experience pain and distress

During these experiences they behave in charateristic ways - clutching themselves, crying out, facial crinkling (and specific verbalisation in humans...)

Observing a suffering creature gives no inherent emotional affect on the naieve viewer.

Only an observer who has experienced pain and distress can assimilate into the group mind's response.

When the behaviors of distress are exposed to a previously passive observer, their own memories are revived.

Empathy provides the link between the distressed and the observer, who then may choose to aid them,

By forming a narcissistic attachment to the stricken creature, the observer feels the resonation of their own memories of suffering,

And can then attemp to re-enact their healing dreams within the object world.



implications for horror films... sterilising emtional response to graphic scences? Still viewing through as screen is never the same....