What the FAQ?

Q... why do I exist?

A... calm down, you don't.

Q... what is transmyt.net about?

A... the answer is found by exploring it; you will make your own interpretation, drawing from the host of thoughts and images that rest in this site.

Q... who made transmyt?

A... for the most part some guy called felix.

Q... what is the theme of transmyt?

A... while many styles are contained within, the undercurrent is one of questioning, of dissatisfaction with face values and typical understandings. with questions one can clear space in the mind, which a reader may then fill with their own wisdom.

Q... why are you such a fucking pedant?

A... it's the only way i have of responding to innane questions. oh and i find it oddly satisfying.

Q... can i write something for this site?

A... yes you can, such creation is welcome, please submit anything using the cat picture below.

Q... what makes you want to write all this stuff?

A... answer by question: do you like eating honey? do you think the bee enjoys you eating the honey? or does the bee like making the honey just coz it's bee tradition?

Q... what happens after death?

A... there is nothing. accept that and life begins.

Q... would you mind if i used a quote/image/other from this site?

A... i do not own anything here, and have no problem with reuse and abuse of data, go ahead and do your worst.


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